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Cleansing Baths for Better Health

Cleansing baths are important to healthy living, especially in our polluted and stress-inducing environment. There has been a long history of use of these baths in the naturopathic community and in Germany. Some of the following baths are quite effective in the removal of either environmental toxins, heavy metals, and radiation, or all of them.

In this day and age, these frequently encountered assaults on our systems can produce a low-grade and continuous drain on our immune system, and of course, on general body functioning. We have all been exposed (knowingly or unknowingly) to heavy metals, X-rays, surgery, CAT scans, chlorinated pools, or working or sitting for hours in front of computers, cell phones, iPads, Kindles, etc. We are exposed to chemicals and fumes (photocopy equipment, automobiles, printing presses, and general street fumes, etc.).

Having been exposed to the above for many years, you may have a fair amount of toxic “gunk” (to put it lightly) in your body. Taking these cleansing baths is a pleasant and inexpensive way to help clear some of this “gunk” out and ensure the maintenance of your health.

The following baths can sometimes be temporarily draining, so they are best done before your bedtime. Drinking extra fluids is recommended. Most individuals will simply experience the baths as a relaxing and pleasant experience, and others may at times feel uncomfortable, irritable, or “edgy” after the bath. This is often the result of toxins being pulled out of your body and may be a sign that the baths are working for you.

This is important: If you are in a state of ill-health, or a weakened constitution, it is advised that you replenish beneficial minerals, which may be leached out (along with the toxins) through the bathing process. You can do this by consuming seaweed products, or vegetables such as leafy greens, zucchini, parsley, jicama, and green beans on the day after the bath. Organic of course.

With any of these baths, fill the bath to the top, and immerse everything but your face and hair. If you become uncomfortable or dizzy while bathing, just sit up for a bit before returning to a reclining position. Stay within the recommended time for the bath, do not alter it. Just experiment until you find the right temperature for you to experience a pleasant bath. The hotter the water, the stronger the bath.

SEA SALT AND BAKING SODA BATH (Can be taken separate or combined)
Primarily clears radiation, and clears lymphatic congestion.  If you mainly want to clear radiation, just use baking soda alone.

Dosage for the combo is 2 lbs of each substance.  If Sea Salt alone, average is 3 lbs., Baking Soda alone is average of 3-4 lbs.

Soak for 20-30 minutes. Showering after the bath is not necessary.

Baking Soda baths can be taken between 4-10 times, depending on how much radiation you have been exposed to (relating to where you live, your job, the number of x-rays you have undergone.) If you are basically a well person, you can do 1-2 per week, if you are of a weakened constitution or in a deficient state, only take 1 bath per week.

A broad spectrum cleanser, fairly heavy-duty, Epsom Salt helps clear lymphatic congestion, remove heavy metals, and radiation. It is more powerful than Sea Salt and Baking Soda for cleansing the lymphatics.

Take a hotter bath, but again to your comfort. Average amount is 4 lbs. DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN 12-15 MINUTES IN THE TUB.

You can take a total of 2 of these baths, spacing them a week apart.

Epsom Salt baths are also beneficial for muscle relaxation, but at a much lower dosage, usually 2-3 cups.

Good for infections, particularly bacterial, apple cider vinegar helps to acidify the body (having an antibacterial effect). It is useful for women with vaginal and/or bladder infections.
Use 1 quart in the tub, soak for 1/2 hour and use hot water (within your comfort level).

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Happy bathing!

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